2nd Annual Autism Walk

Join us on April 27th to raise acceptance of  autism and to support families of children with autism in Northwest Iowa!

Complimentary t-shirt when you register before April 5th


To volunteer, contact Amy Simpson email:   asimpson@smunet.net

To be a sponsor for the walk,   contact Theresa Rasch email:  theresa-rasch@uiowa.edu  


Seeking Board Members

The ECI LR Board is in need of two new Board members who are passionate about supporting families with children prenatal through age 5! See ECI LR Board Member Application under “About Us/Board.”

Full Board Responsibilities

  • Interpret the scope of responsibilities of the Early Childhood Area as set by Iowa Legislation.
  • Establish the mission of policies to support the legislative intent.
  • At a minimum, administer funds from the state and ensure adequate effective management of resources.
  • Ensure that interest on earnings from the Early Childhood funds be used for services in the community plan.
  • Award contracts, request funding proposals and assist in monitoring funded programs..
  • Develop and implement the community plan with identified priorities, based on community assessments, which address human service, education and health needs to support the children and their families to reach desired results.
  • Evaluate the outcome of community plans.
  • Assure wide community input as part of all procedures by forming standing communities, task groups and focus groups.
  • Assign tasks to committees as appropriate.
  • Ensure that the annual report is submitted each fiscal year by September 15 to the Early Childhood Board and to local governing bodies in the Early Childhood Area.
  • Develop a plan to continue community efforts to support children and their families within the empowerment area.
  • Assume other responsibilities established by law or administrative rule.
  • Use data to make informed funding decisions.
  • Assess Board performance annually.
  • Ensure effective organizational planning.

Individual Board Member’s Responsibilities:

  • Attend all meetings of the Board, including assigned committees and task forces.
  • Notify the ECI Director of any absences in advance.
  • Thoroughly review the agenda and all background support material and come to all meetings prepared to contribute to the discussion of issues and business to be addressed.
  • Consider serving on at least one committee.
  • Represent the area board in a positive and supportive manner.
  • Keep the board chairperson informed about any community concerns or issues that are relevant to this board.
  • Recognize conflicts of interest between position as a board member and personal and professional life. If such a conflict does arise, declare that conflict before the board and refrain from voting on matters in which a conflict exists.
  • Assist in recruiting new board members.