Time Out Nursery

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Erica Graves
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2160 230th Ave
Milford, IA 51351
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Description of Services You Offer

Time-Out Nursery offers free childcare for parents who need a break from the day-to-day stress of parenting.  While children are cared for in a licensed facility by trained staff, parents have the opportunity to run errands, attend appointments, meet with other parents, participate in a parenting class, clean the house or just catch their breath.  Embracing the importance of nurturing families, Time-Out Nursery strives to provide a loving and welcoming environment for children and their parents, provide opportunities for parents to gain positive support, encouragement and insight and provide an atmosphere where children can learn and thrive.


What makes you different from other organizations in the area?
This service is offered two mornings a week during the school year and is available with the purpose of offering a break for parents. It is free and available to everyone.
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