Board Member Recruitment/Representation

When board members’ terms expire, a nominating committee will be appointed consisting of three board members who will receive input and/or recommendations from the local planning groups.  They(nominating committee) will recommend nominees who qualify for the vacant position (s). Board Member Applications will be made available on-line at the ECI: Lakes Region website and completed by nominees. Completed applications shall be reviewed by the nominating committee to insure that they qualify for the open position(s).

Representation shall consist of people residing or working in the Early Childhood Iowa: Lakes Region area. Board membership is in accordance with Iowa Code Chapter 256I. All members shall be elected officials or members of the public who are not employed by a provider of services.  Membership shall also comply with Iowa HF 243, striving for a gender balanced board utilizing a fair and unbiased method of selecting the best qualified applicants.

The Early Childhood Iowa: Lakes Region Board shall consist of a minimum of 6 and maximum of 10 total board members with each county having at least two representatives.  At least one member of the Early Childhood Iowa: Lakes Region board shall represent each of the following perspectives: education, health, human services, business, faith, and a parent, grandparent or guardian of a child ages 0-5 years.  Human services, education, and health members are not required to be employees of state departments.  Members cannot represent more than one area of expertise.

The Board will also include a county elected official from each of the four counties which could include the auditor, treasurer, recorder, sheriff, attorney, or board of supervisor representative.  This person may represent one of the required perspectives.

Early Childhood Iowa: Lakes Region Board FY19

County Representative Board Members

Clay County Supervisor
Art Hamrick
County Elected: Clay
Board Slot: Clay County Representative

O'Brien County Supervisor
Dan Friedrichsen
Sutherland, IA
County Elected: O'Brien
Board Slot: O'Brien County Representative

Osceola County Supervisor
Edward Jones
County Elected: Osceola
Board Slot: Osceola County Representative

Derrick Okine, Pastor
O'Brien County
Board Slot: Faith Representative

Jennifer Mars, AEA EC Nurse
O'Brien & Osceola County
Board Slot: Education Representative

Merlin Sandersfled
Osceola County
Board Slot:Parent Representative

Board Slot: Human Services Representative

Board Slot: Faith